Organizing competitions is not a walk in the park, so many thing you have to worry and stress about. A very stressed out promoter may result in a poorly organized event which in the end affects the fighters and it's supporters.

Easy to access Match Results!

The main purpose for building this site is because I got tired of waiting for my teammates match results. I figured, if promoters were given a tool that can update match results real time maybe it can be published to the fighter's teams / family / friends for a quick update. I think that it will help in letting the fighters know when their matches will start making it easier on the wait!

All in One

Create and Manage Events easily! With a few clicks you'll be configuring your event to you and your participants' needs. Torneyo will provide you with everything you need to run your BJJ Tournament efficiently.

Up To Date

The promoter will be provided a tablet application which will be used to update the winners of the brackets. The bracket results are available online for the fighter's family, friends and team to see, giving them a general perspective of how he/she is doing in the competition.


A registered fighter of Torneyo will be provided a record of his/her past matches from all the registered competitions he/she has participated in. Promoters will have access to reports and stats of the past events.

A work in progress

This site is a work in progress. We're trying our best to get as much local competitions out there that does not have a bracketing system to start using this tool. Meanwhile, check out our past events and let us know what we can do better!